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How to become a philanthropist

Progressing from a “checkbook” donor to a philanthropist can be one of the most rewarding privileges of wealth.

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Considerations for family legacy planning

These steps can help you create a legacy plan that both reflects your values and incorporates tax-efficient ways to transfer your assets.

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Podcast: Historical imagination for family preservation

Every family has a unique history that plays an important role in leaving a legacy. Karen McNeill, our Senior Family Historian, explains how history sets the foundation for lasting family preservation.

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Family inheritance: Does fair mean equal?

A variety of factors can impact how you distribute your estate to your beneficiaries. Doing so fairly and equitably may require some creative thinking.

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5 steps to consider when creating a prenup

There are so many things to consider when getting engaged including signing a prenup. It may not be the most romantic part of wedding planning, but it can be a very practical decision for both parties.

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Bridging the gap between values and generational family wealth

The best place to start engaging and educating family members of all ages and attitudes toward money is with what matters most: values.

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Moving past the guilt of inherited wealth

The emotional stages of inheritance often parallel the five stages of grief. Understanding how they correlate, and specifically how to move past the guilt stage, can help you find peace with your inheritance and focus on the future.

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How to elevate female role models in your family story

Every family tree is full of amazing female role models. Oral history can be an effective way to record their stories and raise the profile of the women in your family.

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How private foundations can unify intergenerational families

Seventy percent of wealth transfers fail from one generation to the next. Private family foundations may provide intergenerational families an opportunity to overcome this challenge.

3 reasons a family foundation fails

You may have the best of intentions when launching a family foundation, but that’s often not enough to avoid a failure. With proper planning, you can avoid three critical missteps that many foundations make.

Maximize your giving with donor-advised funds, qualified charitable distributions and gifts of stock

Strategies to maximize your charitable giving

Donor-advised funds, qualified charitable distributions and gifts of appreciated stocks offer prime opportunities to enhance your giving and potentially take advantage of greater tax savings.

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Four reasons values are important in maintaining generational wealth

Establishing shared family values is essential to your family’s long-term financial wellness.

Embracing family secrets

Embracing family secrets

Family secrets are not uncommon. These “skeletons" can launch potentially challenging but necessary conversations to redefine their family values and goals.

Client story: Talking about money and family wealth for the first time.

Client story: Talking about money and family wealth for the first time

With Ascent’s help, a real estate developer revealed the wealth he’d built to his family and worked together to create a financial plan for the future.

Family philanthropy: Year-end giving strategies.

Family philanthropy: Year-end giving strategies

Holidays and year-end gatherings are ideal times to discuss your family’s strategic philanthropic plan and the philanthropy you’re involved in. Doing so can help you find joy in giving back to your community and renew shared values across generations.

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