Personal attention from a committed team

The Ascent leadership team emphasizes a service culture that results in deeply personal attention, focusing on both the achievement of wealth and the possibilities it creates for families like yours.

As president of Ascent Private Capital Management, John Zimmerman sets the strategic direction and oversees all aspects of Ascent. John, along with his leadership team, has a strong commitment to the community and to helping families protect and enhance their wealth from generation to generation.

The Ascent leadership team

John Zimmerman Ascent President U.S. Bank

John Zimmerman


“More than stewards, we are trusted partners and multidisciplinary experts, working hard and talking honestly. Championing your next challenge and amplifying your purpose to create a better, more rewarding world for you and your family.”

Jason Burkey-Skye Ascent Managing Director U.S. Bank

Jason Burkey-Skye

Regional Managing Director, Pacific Northwest/Rocky Mountain Region

“Families that have gained great fortune through entrepreneurial ventures are in the best position to have a positive and lasting impact on society. To be a part of a team that supports their effort is incredibly gratifying.” 

Andrea Ho Managing Director, National Investment Consulting

Andrea Ho

Managing Director, National Investment Consulting

“Families of significant wealth are faced with both unique opportunities as well as unique challenges. It is an honor and pleasure to support clients in their respective journeys, helping them to discover meaning through intention and the thoughtful allocation of capital.”

Ben Ollendick Ascent Managing Director U.S. Bank

Ben Ollendick

Regional Managing Director, Midwest/Eastern Region

“I am honored to help clients who are focused on growing their family’s human and intellectual capital within the framework of their financial capital. The uniqueness and complexity of individual circumstances allows us to explore many unique wealth management approaches in support of their goals.”

Kelly Thomson Ascent Managing Director U.S. Bank

Kelly Thomson

Regional Managing Director, California Region

“I enjoy hearing the incredible family stories our clients have to tell. A good story starts from where you came from, where you are today and where you want to go next. The part I like best is offering our unique services so that members of succeeding generations will have new stories to tell.”

Ashlee Woods Managing Director, Philanthropy U.S. Bank

Ashlee Woods

Managing Director, Philanthropy

"Integrating philanthropic advisory services at Ascent will help guide the charitable aspects of Ascent families’ lives. I look forward to serving as a thought partner to individuals, couples, families, and foundations that want to become more intentional and impact-focused with their giving.”

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U.S. Bank and its representatives do not provide tax or legal advice. Your tax and financial situation is unique. You should consult your tax and/or legal advisor for advice and information concerning your particular situation.

Family Office Services are not fiduciary in nature and Ascent serves in a non-fiduciary role when providing these services. Family Office Services may include leadership and legacy consulting services in order to facilitate your self-assessment of family office services issues. Ascent does not engage in the practice of psychology.