A Fully Integrated Approach

Ascent Private Capital Management advisors address both the strategic and tactical dimensions of multigenerational wealth with a fully integrated and balanced program designed to help benefit your family now and for generations to come.

"History is important to help us understand ourselves. We are not just products of history but historical actors in a larger narrative, which may inform how we live our lives and build towards the future."

Karen McNeill, Ph.D.
Director, Family History

Family History Services

We've learned from working with families of wealth that they are often interested in their history but are uncertain about whether they want to pursue it in a formal way because it can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task. What many families don't realize is that if they do not preserve their history and create a mechanism to share their stories and the values they convey, the glue that holds the family together may disintegrate. Family businesses may close their doors, and records may scatter. Without a shared set of historical values, family assets may dissipate and family relationships may deteriorate. To avoid these pitfalls, Ascent's family historian aims to help families find common values by revisiting and preserving their family histories, which can be important steps in preserving family wealth and shaping their legacy for the future.

Skeletons Dancing

Skeletons in the Closet: Let Them Out and Watch Them Dance

This paper explores the dynamic nature of family skeletons and the potential benefits of unearthing and examining the difficult stories of a family’s history.

Benefits of Family History

Benefits of Family History


Using information gleaned from historical research, our wealth impact planning consultants can help your family apply values demonstrated throughout your history to formulate a mission statement, target philanthropic interests and develop a plan with the goal of preserving your wealth and managing its impact for generations to come.

Family History Services

Family History Services

  • Family genealogy
  • Archival research
  • Oral Histories
  • Family story development
  • Family mission, vision and values
  • Family books, videos, visual presentations
U.S. Bank History

U.S. Bank History

U.S. Bank's rich, 150-year history is the foundation upon which Ascent is built.  We strive to honor U.S. Bank's history of helping families, businesses, and individuals honor their own legacies and realize their dreams.

Bloomberg Markets

Bloomberg Markets features Ascent and Historian 

Ascent was listed as the second fastest-growing money manager in the world catering to wealthy families in 2012, according to Bloomberg Markets' annual ranking of family offices.


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