Investment Management

Our approach

Our focus on your unique financial goals and long-term investing success is fundamental to the selection of appropriate investment strategies and responsible management of your wealth.

Our Asset Management Group (AMG) is a dedicated team of investment strategists with a global view that encompasses macroeconomics, market trends and central bank and government policies. The team works to distill the investment world’s complexities into implementable, actionable views and strategies.

The AMG accomplishes this by following a data- and process-driven three step methodology which includes asset research, investment selection and portfolio construction.

Our expertise

Led by our chief investment officer, the AMG is driven by a team of investment strategists with expertise in macroeconomics and investment vehicles across equity, fixed income and real assets. The AMG relies on data, disciplined processes, historical insights and awareness of evolving market dynamics to develop investment strategies for you.

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Our methodology

Made up of over 180 seasoned professionals, the AMG practices a rigorous, proven methodology to conduct asset allocation research, carry out due diligence on investments and construct customized portfolios. This proven methodology supports all of our investment offerings.

Graphic with an illustration of a circle divided into three parts, made up of Equities, Bonds and Real assets

  • Developing your investment strategy

    The AMG researches market conditions and their impact to help determine the appropriate asset allocation strategy for you. Depending on your goals and risk tolerance, your portfolio may be diversified with a mix of equities, bonds and real assets.

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    A circle divided into three parts, made up of Equities, Bonds and Real assets

  • Choosing your investments

    AMG's investment specialists evaluate investment management firms based on their performance records as well as their risk management process practices. Only 1% of all funds make it through the rigorous approval process and are used to create a portfolio based on your investment goals.

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    Following are the steps we follow to evaluate which funds get selected: Strategic purpose, Initial assessment, Quality evaluation, Quality verification, ONLY 1% of all funds make it through our approval process

  • Constructing your portfolio

    Based on your financial goals and timeline, AMG will create an investment portfolio that's focused on delivering performance across varying market environments and through changing times.

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    Diagram showing three sample portfolios along a continuum from lower exected risk and lower expected growth to higher expected risk and higher expected growth: Conservative, Balanced and Aggressive

Monitoring your portfolio’s performance

The AMG aims to achieve and exceed target returns - while managing your overall exposure to risk. With thoughtful analysis, you can count on regular rebalancing of your investment mix, which may enhance your returns overtime.

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Impact investing

Find value in your values. When building your portfolio, your social and environmental goals are taken into consideration, along with your financial objectives. Beyond financial returns, impact investing offers socially and ethically responsible options that may also help mitigate risk and address environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges.

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Specialty asset management

Get expert guidance from the Specialty Asset Management Group on assets such as real estate, farms, ranches, natural resources and closely held assets.

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