Major purchases

Funds for life events and major purchases

Sometimes you need access to more cash to fund a major purchase or life event, such as a wedding, holiday trip, or the arrival of a new baby. Options to consider include asset-secured financing, using your home equity, and loans and lines of credit from U.S. Bank. If you have a longer time horizon, consider a customized investment portfolio plan from U.S. Bank or U.S. Bancorp Investments.

Using investments

Depending on your timeline, creating a custom investment portfolio may be an effective way to fund a major purchase. Wealth Management from U.S. Bank and U.S. Bancorp Investments emphasizes long-term growth and income generation while attempting to minimize risk. We develop customized investment strategies designed to help weather unpredictable conditions in all types of market cycles. 

If you prefer to customize your own investment portfolio or use our automated investing solution, we also offer self-directed brokerage and Automated Investor services from U.S. Bancorp Investments. With Automated Investor, you set your goal - saving for retirement, making a major purchase, or general investing-and we'll invest your money for you. 

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Using the equity in your home

If you own a home, consider a home equity line of credit or a home equity loan from U.S. Bank to plan for a major purchase.

A home equity line of credit works much like a credit card. Unlike an unsecured credit card, your credit is secured by the equity you have in your home, so interest rates can be lower – potentially making it a better way to borrow money.

A home equity loan can be a great way to pay for one-time major expenses. The principal and interest payments are fixed for the life of the loan.

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Personal loans and lines of credit

Personal loans and lines of credit from U.S. Bank are unsecured sources of funds to pay for major purchases. Funds for a personal loan are typically received at once and paid back over time. Personal loans can be used for one-time expenses such as the purchase of a car.

Personal lines of credit may give you ongoing access to a revolving credit line that can help pay for incremental expenses over time.

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Liquid asset secured financing

If you are looking for a way to take advantage of unique financing opportunities while maintaining control of your wealth, you may want to consider liquid asset secured financing. This flexible line of credit from U.S. Bank Wealth Management is secured by eligible assets in one or more of your investment accounts. One of our wealth professionals can help you determine if this type of financing may be right for you.

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Education Savings

If you're saving for future education. look into an education savings account like a 529 Plan from U.S. Bancorp Investments.

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What are liquid assets

Leveraging the assets in your investment portfolio can provide quick access to cash.

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Consider leveraged investing as part of your financial strategy.

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