Alternative Dreamers

Alternative Dreamers presents the work of five Cincinnati-based artists all united, as the show title suggests, by their unique visions and approaches. They are a mix of emerging and seasoned contemporary artists, several with representation and most with full exhibition histories. Though of the region, their work transcends it, and all reflect current art world trends. These are artists who have a strong contextual understanding of art history and its relation to their work. And, though the end result, how and why it got there, are intrinsically different, each artist  is process-driven, relying heavily on the act of making to dictate what a piece will become.

-  Linda Schwartz, Director of Alternate Projects


Jimmy Baker

Jimmy Baker, Arrangement 10, 2016, oil, aerosol and UV print on canvas over panel, 22 x 22”, $4,000, Courtesy of the artist




Shinji Turner-Yamamoto
Pentimenti #62, 2017 
cultured crystals grown on a ca.
450-million-year-old Ordovician
fossil fragment, 24 kt gold leaf,
mixtion, natural resin
5 x 6 x 3”, $2,500
Courtesy of the artist
and Sapar Contemporary


Joseph Winterhalter
LVG 21c. #24, 2009
acrylic, latex, felt tip marker,
graphite, spray primer, oil,
wax on canvas
75.5 x 49”, $9,750,
Courtesy of the artist


Pentimenti #62
LVG 21c. #24

Alternative Dreamers

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    By combining such elemental materials as trees, fossils, and/or minerals in new and unexpected ways, Shinji Turner-Yamamoto creates pieces that are meditations on man’s relationship to the natural world and the universe beyond. Crystals cultured by Turner-Yamamoto form the content in the Quintessence series. Their beautiful unique white patterned surfaces, the result of material and natural processes, and equally, multiple layers of materials, are created not only through the artist's hand but as elsewhere, in the small sculptures of his Pentimenti series, by the processes of nature and time.

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    Joseph Winterhalter meticulously works the surfaces of his paintings so they appear to have been scraped raw or peeled repeatedly to suggest prior histories. The use of the tile motif in his paintings began not only for stylistic reasons, but also as a way for Winterhalter to investigate what he describes as the “…pervasive usage and reception of cold, antiseptic and passively oppressive ceramic tiles in the architecture of prisons, hospitals and institutional spaces…” In the show’s two paintings, though the tiles still take center stage, in LVG 21c. #25, they look more like reflections on the outside of a building and in LVG 21c. #24, they are becoming pixel-like.










  Participating Artists     
Jimmy Baker
Michael Scheurer
Jordan Tate
Shinji Turner-Yamamoto
Joseph Winterhalter

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